Ella Boleynn

Ella Boleynn was always a poet and songstress, but she didn’t always have the confidence to sing in front of the world. Adam Joeseph nurtured her out of her shell and helped her find the voice that was always begging to come out.

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Ella’s Poetry


un homage à l'homme qui prends vie qui chantequi danse il n'a pas de peurvivre pour il sais qu'il etait créépour vivre c'est la vievivre bois,...

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Believe In It

Once upon a time, you - only half yourself - waited wished that some 1 in 150 million white knights would fight through the acid swim the...

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Let Go

Dark smoke pushes the light out of your body. I watch it go, wisp by wisp - every day, more clouds, more fog obscuring the sunshine. There are...

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Part I I AM -- a weed. Forcing yellow head from infertile field, hearty in health, I heave myself forward from barren ground. Overkilled and...

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The Princess and the Sky

The princess spun in her dress, giggling as the white cotton fabric swung droplets onto her face. She stopped twirling - teetered, looking out...

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Silverstein to Tennyson

I lost it in a moment became a strong proponent of a personal atonement, but all I found was the exponents of sin and then when I discovered...

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Words of Berry Sweetness

I stand aloof - avoid your gaze but caught in the rays of your radiance. You shine in the distance, illuminating the distance, drawing MY...

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