Ella Boleynn

Ella Boleynn was always a poet and songstress, but she didn’t always have the confidence to sing in front of the world. When Adam Joeseph got a gig in Gatlinburg in 2021, he spoke so highly of Ella that the producer decided to hire the couple as a musical duo. And so Ella’s first musical gig was a 30 night engagement in one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. The whirlwind experience lit a creative fire under her, and she’s determined to give birth to the music that she always thought would only live in her head. Ella’s musical influences include Alison Krauss, John Prine, Julia Michaels, Don Williams, Elle King, and the downhome country music of her beloved grandparents.

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Ella’s Poetry

Hill Dreams

I keep dreaming of hills Big hills. They rise out of flat land, a tower of road I have to climb. The call beyond the crest changes. At times,...

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Still Water

The water is still today. It's one of those days when the sun and breeze cancel each other out, and you forget that you need sunblock. Soft...

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You never long to want or want to long. You only want to be wanted for so long that your bones crack into dust like gray grindings of the...

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I hear the lonesome wind come in against the moored boats' bones as I load the warm laundry into the van. A dog tethers a woman across the...

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Nature doesn't die when the snow falls like hushed ash. It sleeps. All that remains, the stems and stalks and seed clusters that hint of...

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I dreamed there were mushrooms growing from your head once. I woke and wondered, and it scared me. But then I tasted mushrooms. Truly. Felt...

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Night Church

The Devil comes in the nighttime, but the angels come beside. Free under cover of darkness, the fallen and risen abide. Together, they dance...

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We Will Await Her

The year scurries on like black squirrels in red leaves. Stillness comes in her end, but we will await her. Even as we scamper - as we scatter...

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Cycle Dance

There is blood on the Samhain and Aurora brings her in painted in the colors of the fallen and the children. Ring around the rosy, a pocket...

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A Muddy Prayer

We've been battered for millenia, maladaptive traits to live while the things that made us human from the world have been hid. In the gardens,...

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