Ella Boleynn

Ella Boleynn was always a poet and songstress, but she didn’t always have the confidence to sing in front of the world. Adam Joeseph nurtured her out of her shell and helped her find the voice that was always begging to come out.

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Ella’s Poetry

True Love

I loved you when I met you - heart pounding as you led me on the first adventure these feet had ever run. Breath catching as you traced the...

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Creation only to lose. For naught. Not the art. Me. Every moment - a new disjointed self wakes to a world of old experiences. Hazily...

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It turns out I never existed anyway. I was just a collection of dust particles blown from other people's wholeness. Put them together and they...

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I have loved humanity. I have been betrayed by humanity. I have loved humanity more deeply from knowing her cruelty. There's darkness in the...

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She paints the sky with words - green and blue and greenish blue polished stones piled in the space between us. A wall we never meant to build...

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The fatigue grips me like a tentacled monster drags me under the pillows and covers and shade of darkness no matter how often I try to come up...

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